Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteer sign ups are handled via an online Sign Up sheet website. Questions contact Sarah Bucher.

Volunteer Sign-up (Click Here)

Swimming is a family sport and volunteering is ESSENTIAL to running smooth and timely meets. Please step up and volunteer to assist at the events as required below.

Each family is required to earn a minimum number of points by volunteering for a job assignment at the dual meets. This number will be determined dependent on the number of swim team families that are registered and will be announced after registration is closed on June 1st. (Typically, this has been 2 or 3 points.)

As a guest team, we are often asked to provide timers for away invitational swim events. A sign up for timers will be posted for each invitational. If there are openings left and your child is registered as a swimmer, you may be asked to fill in as a timer during one of the sessions. As a courtesy, most teams offer a complimentary entrance fee to those timers that sign up ahead of time!

All parents (or a family delegate) are required to volunteer for the Fast & Furious Invitational meet regardless of whether or not your child is swimming in the event. If you are unable to attend in person, a family delegate must volunteer in your place. Delegates can be aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents, older siblings, or anyone over the age of 12 willing and able to help! Volunteering for these events DOES NOT count toward the required number of points for the season.

If you need to reschedule or cancel a volunteer spot that you have already signed up for, you will need to find a replacement and notify the Volunteer Coordinator with the name of your replacement as soon as possible. Substitutes, if no other swim team parents, must be at least 12 years old.


Announcer: At home swim meets this person will announce each heat of every event, including the names of individual swimmers. Works closely with the starter and the scoring table to keep the meet running smoothly.

Set-up/Tear Down: Set-up of equipment, tables, chairs, and lanes for the swim meet. Then tear down at the end of the meet. Set-up and tear-down sound system. The more that help the quicker it goes!

Awards: Receives labels from the scoring table and attaches them to the appropriate ribbons. When labels are unable to print, award’s volunteer will write the appropriate information on the ribbons. This job keeps you sitting down but this position requires volunteering for full meet.

Concessions: Set up of concessions stand, serving food, collecting money, tear down of concessions at end of meet.

Stroke & Turn: Work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of the pair being from each team. Judges only rule on infractions on their side of the pool. They observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke. Training is required for this positionThis position requires volunteering for the full meet.

Finish Judge: Records the finish order of the swimmers. Each team is required to provide a Finish Judge per half.

Runners: Write the times from timers, collect the finish judge sheets, and deliver to the scoring table. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.

Timers: Uses a stopwatch provided by the swim team to record swimmers’ times for each heat. If the watch malfunctions, you raise your hand and the Backup Timer will time the heat.  Each lane has 2 timers consisting of one person from each team. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.

Backup Timer:  Function as an extra timer ready to step in with an official time if any other timer should need assistance. The Backup Timer will time each heat and step in if another timer raises their hand – alerting the Backup Timer that they have a malfunction with their stop watch. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.

Staging: Helps organize swimmers for their heats by getting them lined up in their lanes. You will be responsible for helping to ensure that the swimmers are ready to line up for their events when called upon by the coaches. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.