General Swim Info

Gear you’ll need to start swimming

Competitive style suit, goggles, cap, towel, water bottle, sunscreen.
Team suits and caps are available for purchase, however the team suit is not required, any solid black suit will do.

What to expect at a Meet

  • What to bring – towel(s), blanket, chair, all swim gear, sweatshirt/pants, flip flops/slides, water, healthy snacks, sunscreen, games/cards to play with friends
  • Arrive in time for warm-ups. What is warm-ups? Our team will have 15 minutes of warm-up time in the pool before every meet. Warm-up time for a HOME dual meet is 5:30 and an AWAY dual meet is 5:45. Warm-up times for invitationals will be announced by our coach the day before the meet
  • Volunteers should report to the table 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.

Dual meets start at 6:15 pm – the order of events is as follows:

  • Freestyle (all ages in the following order)
    • 8U Girls then 8U Boys
    • 10U Girls then 10U Boys
    • 12U Girls then 12U Boys
    • 14U Girls then 14U Boys
    • Open Girls (15-18) then Open boys
  • Backstroke (same order of ages)
  • Breaststroke (same order of ages)
  • Butterfly (same order of ages)
  • Freestyle Relay (same order of ages)

Meets last typically between 2-3 hours. The larger the pool (more lanes) the quicker the meet.

Team Expectations

  • Swimmers are encouraged to show team spirit by cheering on teammates during swim meets and practices
  • Swimmers are expected to stay until the end of every meet to cheer on your team and swim in relays
  • Swimmers will sit with their team during a meet, usually in a chair or on a blanket. Parents sit close by – when you arrive at the meet, look for the other team families – we travel well!
  • Swimmers should pay attention to the order of events so they know when they are swimming next

Line ups

  • The coaches set the line up and will tell the swimmers what they are swimming the morning of the meet during practice
  • The coaches decide what events your swimmer will swim in the dual meets
  • Each swimmer may swim up to 3 events during a dual meet

Fast and Furious Invitational

We annually host this invitational swim meet at the Manheim Pool and it is our largest fundraiser. Please mark this on your calendar now, plan to attend and volunteering is expected.

Inter-squad Meet

This is a practice meet in the beginning of the season. The main purpose of this meet to familiarize new families with how a swim meet is run. New swimmers will learn how to line up for their events as well as other procedures of a swim meet. Parents will be asked to volunteer for jobs during this meet so they can learn how to do different volunteer roles. We encourage all parents to volunteer at this meet and step out of your comfort zone and try a job you may never have done before. 


We have a concession stand at every home meet.


Apparel will be available…